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Sound advice at a reasonable fee

Attorneys charge for their services based on the number of hours spent on a case. DVDW Advocaten operates at competitive hourly fees, which generally range from €145 to €300 depending on the experience and specialisation of the attorney involved. Further relevant factors include the legal and factual complexity and importance of the case.


Additional charges

On top of the hourly fee, office costs are charged at the customary rate of 5% to cover our overheads, while VAT is also levied.

Additional costs may be incurred if third parties (for instance bailiffs or attorneys of record) need to be engaged or further information needs to be requested. Finally, court fees are payable if court proceedings need to be pursued. As a rule, these costs are passed on as and when they arise. Court fees must be paid before the commencement of legal proceedings.

Our general terms and conditions are applicable to our services.

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