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The law on covering risks

Proper insurance can eliminate or reduce the risks of financial losses arising from a range of occurrences. DVDW Advocaten has specialist knowledge of the insurance issues that arise for professionals such as attorneys, civil-law notaries, accountants and bankruptcy trustees, the bodies of legal entitles such as management and supervisory boards, professional liability insurance, and directors' liability insurance.


Advice at any stage

When liability issues arise in relation to professionals or directors, it is important to obtain expert advice as quickly as possible. The costs of legal assistance and compensation can be substantial, so it is best to ensure that you take out and maintain proper insurance. We can provide you with advice at any stage and litigate on your behalf where necessary.


Benefit from our expertise

  • Evaluating insurance policies and terms and conditions in light of the activities that are undertaken
  • Assessing whether it is necessary or desirable to cover a particular risk
  • Defending liability claims against professionals, directors and supervisory directors

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Insurance Sector

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