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Cross-border legal issues

Does your company do business abroad? For instance, you might supply customers in France, Poland or Italy. You might purchase raw materials from countries such as Brazil or South Africa, or have goods produced in China and India. In short, this means that you sell, transport or insure goods abroad.

Therefore you need a partner that can help you do business abroad safely and responsibly, a partner that can help you negotiate with foreign partners. A partner that can answer questions such as: is the small print 'export proof'? Are the money and goods properly insured? Is the logistical chain reliable?

We can assess whether the risks in your production chain are properly distributed and advise you on how to establish a sound, reliable distribution network. We will defend your rights in any disputes with suppliers and customers, draft contracts for you, settle compensation claims and litigate where necessary.

Our clients include trading firms, manufacturing businesses (e.g. in the engineering, shipbuilding, construction supplies and offshore sectors), logistical service providers and liability insurers. 

Benefit from our expertise

National and international trading

  • Commercial sales, trading conditions, Incoterms
  • Agency, distribution, franchising
  • Trade financing, bank guarantees, security rights, letters of credit
  • Debt collection
  • Disputes concerning supplies
  • Commercial arbitration


  • Shipping, storage, logistical services, supply chain contracts
  • Damage to cargo (transported by land, air, rail, sea or inland waterway)
  • Shipbuilding and repair
  • Insurance

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National & International Commercial Law

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