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Everybody comes into contact with the government in their everyday business and personal lives, whether in the form of municipal or provincial authorities, water boards, central government or autonomous government agencies.

The main task of these government institutions is to implement legislation and regulations by taking certain decisions. Those decisions can be challenged by interested parties.

DVDW Advocaten can provide you with advice in this area and if necessary assist you with litigation and other proceedings against government bodies in any area of administrative law, including environmental law.

Furthermore, government institutions often engage in private law transactions, giving rise to legal questions in relation to contracts, property rights and land acquisition, not to mention liability issues.

DVDW Advocaten can also help if you work for the government and require assistance or advice in relation to administrative law or civil law matters.


Benefit from our expertise

DVDW Advocaten has experience and expertise in dealing with all kinds of government-related legal issues, providing assistance to both citizens and the government itself. As a result, we are perfectly placed to offer you legal services in this specialist area as well. This may include advice or assistance in the following areas:

  • general administrative law: for instance enforcement (enforcement orders/penalties) and freedom of information requests
  • spatial planning: for instance construction issues arising under the Crisis and Recovery Act, the Environmental Permitting (General Provisions) Act, other environmental permit-related issues, zoning plans, and other environmental and water-related issues
  • liability and compensation: for instance unlawful government acts, and compensation for losses caused by government acts and planning decisions
  • land acquisition and use: for instance municipal preferential rights and expropriation, land use, the recovery of costs and public/private partnerships
  • property: leasing and purchasing property, property rights (e.g. ground leases), project/area development and construction contracts
  • other areas, such as contracts, tendering processes and subsidies.


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Property and Government

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