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The crucial importance of knowledge of your sector

The shipping and offshore sector has its own particular customs, and the interests and amounts at stake can be substantial. Knowledge of those customs and of the essential areas of law is a prerequisite for being able to offer clients in this sector the service that they need.



DVDW Advocaten has spent many years advising major shipping and offshore companies, enabling us to provide clients with advice quickly, without first needing to ask them to explain the customs of their sector to us. Besides knowledge and expertise in this field, DVDW Advocaten also has a network of major businesses and foreign law firms in this area to rely on when particular international issues arise.


Benefit from our expertise

  • Knowledge and experience in relation to shipbuilding and steel construction, including the associated classification and certification processes
  • Knowledge and experience of international trade financing products, such as bank guarantees and letters of credit
  • Experience in relation to international transactions and customs, including hull and steel construction abroad (in Eastern Europe and China)
  • Knowledge and experience of insurance and sea/inland shipping
  • Knowledge of specific sectors in combination with a thorough understanding of the law of obligations, construction agreements and the drafting of general terms and conditions and other contracts

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Shipping and Offshore Sector

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