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About DVDW

DVDW Advocaten is a growing, medium-sized commercial law firm with offices in The Hague and Rotterdam. We focus mainly on corporate clients: listed companies, SMEs, non-profit organisations and government authorities, as well as high-net-worth individuals.


At DVDW Advocaten, we are always on hand to offer our services, focusing on the small print without losing sight of the bigger picture. We offer a single point of contact for a variety of legal disciplines and a direct approach based on clear agreements. That is the key to our appeal and what makes us such a versatile firm.


We owe our very existence to our clients. That's why we devote such great attention to finding out about them, their operating processes, sectors and demands. This enables us to work in partnership, pursuing our clients' objectives while building sustainable relationships. Every step of the way, we ask ourselves how our activities can make a difference to you. We know what being an entrepreneur involves - after all, we are in business ourselves - and so we know that you don't need unnecessarily elaborate legal opinions, qualified with all kinds of 'ifs' and 'buts'. This straight-to-the-point attitude informs our approach not just to offering legal advice and assistance, but also to how we conduct litigation.


Achieving the utmost quality is absolutely crucial, particularly now that products and services tend to be so similar. We firmly believe that an uncompromising quest for quality ultimately pays dividends for our clients. That's why we keep a close eye on developments in the legal world, comment on them and conduct academic research, in co-operation with the Institute for Corporate Law, Governance and Innovation Policies (ICGI) and others.


Our passion for our profession drives us in everything that we do. We dig as deep as possible to ensure that we offer our clients genuine added value, approaching our work in a singularly thorough and committed manner. We think several steps ahead and carry on where others would give up. But above all, we offer a unique perspective. Coupled with reasonable fees, this represents an unbeatable combination.


  • 42 attorneys
  • offices in The Hague and Rotterdam
  • Corporate practice
  • national and international clients


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About DVDW

Committed to our clients and their businesses

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