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Conflicts may at times be unavoidable. We stand at your side protecting your interests in national and international corporate disputes, allowing you to take the best strategic decisions. Whether this entails complex, high-end corporate litigation or achieving a beneficial settlement. We are involved, think along with you, ensure we understand the business and provide advise that is both to the point and targeted.


We support you:


  • Prevention beats the cure: we regularly encounter litigation that could have been avoided by entering into effective agreements dealing with potential conflicts at a time when there is no conflict. We have the knowledge and expertise to advise you, allowing you to limit your risks and focus on the business. Practical and hands-on.


  • Negotiations: litigation is not always in your interest or that of the company. Rest assured that if there is a room for a beneficial settlement, we will find it. We bring your best arguments to the table, are creative and keep your commercial interests top of mind.


  • Litigation before Enterprise Chamber, district court, court of appeal, or in arbitration: urgency, strategic or commercial considerations and/or financial distress may entail that litigation is opportune. Our point of departure is strategic, efficient, effective and convincing litigation on the basis of strong legal content and years of experience in complex and challenging high-end corporate litigation.


  • National and international disputes: business does not end at a country's borders. Cross border aspects are therefore a common feature to corporate disputes. This feature may manifest itself through cultural differences or in different jurisdictions and justice systems applying. We have much experience in disputes with an international flavour and in acting for an against international parties. You can also benefit from and rely on our strong en flexible international network.


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Corporate Dispute Resolution

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