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We are a firm of committed and decisive lawyers; from one entrepreneur to the other. Quality, trust and courage are at the heart of our work and identity. That’s why DVDW has swiftly earned its place as a top 50 law firm, with offices in The Hague and Rotterdam.

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Our experts

Theo Hanssen
Theo Hanssen Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Stijn Verheggen
Stijn Verheggen Attorney-at-Law
Marc de Leeuw
Marc de Leeuw Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Mark Putting
Mark Putting Attorney-at-Law
Evert Jan Heijnen Met Das
Evert Jan Heijnen Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Anne Van Hilten Tijdelijk
Anne van Hilten Attorney-at-Law
Judith Duinkerken
Judith Duinkerken Attorney-at-Law
Marlies Siegers
Marlies Siegers Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Albert Jan Nederhoed
Albert Jan Nederhoed Attorney-at-Law
Luitzen van der Sluis
Luitzen van der Sluis Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Kirsten Moonen
Kirsten Moonen Attorney-at-Law
Michiel Wilmer
Michiel Wilmer Attorney-at-Law
Rob Simons
Rob Simons Attorney-at-Law
Marjon Lok Tijdelijk
Marjon Lok Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Daniel Kulk
Daniël Kulk Attorney-at-Law
Rene van de Klift
René van de Klift Attorney-at-Law
Leonard Boender
Leonard Boender Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Janine van den Bemt
Janine van den Bemt Attorney-at-Law
Judith Vieberink
Judith Vieberink Attorney-at-Law
Henri Bentfort
Henri Bentfort van Valkenburg Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Christiaan Groenewoud
Christiaan Groenewoud Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Rien Visscher
Rien Visscher Attorney-at-Law
Booike Mensink
Booike Mensink Attorney-at-Law
Wouter Buikstra
Wouter Buikstra Attorney-at-Law
Corine van Bodegom
Corine van Bodegom Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Maaike van Herpen
Maaike van Herpen Attorney-at-Law
Wieneke Lisman
Wieneke Lisman Attorney-at-Law
Nicole Manning
Nicole Manning Attorney-at-Law
Maurits Smal
Maurits Smal Attorney-at-Law
Martine Boender
Martine Boender - Radder Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Rene Sekeris Met Das
René Sekeris Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Eveline Kruisifix
Eveline Kruisifikx Attorney-at-Law
Jeroen Princen
Jeroen Princen Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Emma Lievense
Emma Lievense Attorney-at-Law
Haye Schulte
Haye Schulte Attorney-at-Law
Sarah de Boer
Sarah de Boer Attorney-at-Law
Mieke Olaerts
Mieke Olaerts Of counsel
Rens van den Heuvel
Rens van den Heuvel Attorney-at-Law
Davy Hoff
Davy Hoff Attorney-at-Law
Freek Haasjes
Freek Haasjes Attorney-at-Law
Iris Reidsma
Iris Reidsma Attorney-at-Law
Juliette van de Wiel
Juliette van de Wiel Attorney-at-Law

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