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DVDW is a firm of engaged and highly motivated attorneys with a feel for business. Quality, reliability and resolve are key words that describe what we do and who we are. Unlike many law firms that often seem afraid to give any opinion that is not hedged by disclaimers and reservations, we have a strong conviction in our ability to advise you. These qualities are the foundation on which DVDW has built its rapid rise into the top 50 of Dutch law firms, with offices in The Hague and Rotterdam.

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Our experts

Jeroen Princen
Jeroen Princen Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Davy Hoff
Davy Hoff Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Rene van de Klift
René van de Klift Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Dilara Kocer
Dilara Kocer Attorney-at-Law
Jeroen Van Oort
Jeroen van Oort Attorney-at-Law
Heleen De Rijk
Heleen de Rijk Attorney-at-Law
Michiel Wilmer
Michiel Wilmer Attorney-at-Law
Donna Toet
Donna Toet Attorney-at-Law
Christiaan Groenewoud
Christiaan Groenewoud Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Maaike van Herpen
Maaike van Herpen Attorney-at-Law, divorce mediator
Anne Evekink
Anne Evekink Attorney-at-Law
Ruben Berghuis
Ruben Berghuis Attorney-at-Law
Erwin Bos
Erwin Bos Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Rene Sekeris Met Das
René Sekeris Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Emma Lievense
Emma Lievense Attorney-at-Law and Mediator
Isabella Den Toom
Isabella den Toom Attorney-at-Law
Maurits Smal
Maurits Smal Attorney-at-Law
Stijn Houben
Stijn Houben Attorney-at-Law
Eveline Kruisifix
Eveline Kruisifikx Attorney-at-Law
Kirsten Moonen
Kirsten Moonen Attorney-at-Law
Marjon Lok
Marjon Lok Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Theo Hanssen
Theo Hanssen Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Gijs Wessels
Gijs Wessels Attorney-at-Law
Luitzen van der Sluis
Luitzen van der Sluis Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Leonard Boender
Leonard Boender Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Anique Noordam
Anique Noordam Attorney-at-Law
Rens van den Heuvel
Rens van den Heuvel Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Martijn Lenstra
Martijn Lenstra Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Stijn Verheggen
Stijn Verheggen Attorney-at-Law
Bas Augustijn
Bas Augustijn Attorney-at-Law
Martine Boender
Martine Boender - Radder Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Pieter Smits Met Das
Pieter Smits Managing Director
Rob Simons
Rob Simons Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Ben Wekker
Ben Wekker Attorney-at-Law
Etzel Van Dooren
Etzel van Dooren Attorney-at-Law
Evert Jan Heijnen Nieuw
Evert Jan Heijnen Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Henri Bentfort
Henri Bentfort van Valkenburg Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Marlies Siegers
Marlies Siegers Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Mieke Olaerts
Mieke Olaerts Of Counsel
Rien Visscher
Rien Visscher Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Juliette van de Wiel
Juliette van de Wiel Attorney-at-Law, Partner
Bert Winnemuller
Bert Winnemuller Attorney-at-Law, Partner

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